Anytime He Wants to Cum, He Shouts His Step-Sister’s Name – Woman Laments


A woman has begged for help on what to do to her boyfriend who is fond of calling the step-sister’s name anytime he is about to cum.
The shocking story shared on Cynthia Valerian Raphaels reads:
“Ma’am please let the house read this and tell me how they see it. My boyfriend has a step sister . His step mother brought the girl to his father house. Anytime he is on top of me, if he wants to cum, he will be screaming her name forgetting I am the one he is making love to, when he gets himself he will apologize. 
“He has done that thrice, the last one was on Tuesday night, I just pushed him down and he fell off the bed. Saying he is so fond of his sister. How can he be fond of her to the extent of remembering her when he wants to cum? I am not getting this at all. I really feel their is more to this story honestly ?The step sister is married, but he visits her and stay three to four days in her house. She has two kids, her husband stay abroad while she live in Nigeria. She should be in early 33,34, my boyfriend is 35 years.”

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